Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online and Maximize Your Profit

/Best Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online and Maximize Your Profit
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Selling clothes online is becoming more comfortable than ever. Everyone, including those without skills, can succeed. It requires less effort and money to start. All you need is focusing on your business to achieve your goal. A store is the first thing that comes to all retailers mind when they think of a business. At times moving beyond your store and selling across various channels is a great way to reach a massive number of customers. Marketplaces should be your first channel to consider. Most of them have millions of customers and will allow you to sell quickly. Here are some of the best sites in Australia, USA, and India:

Facebook marketplace

In current days, Facebook is not only for sharing jokes and images but also an essential platform for sellers and buyers. Shoppers find it easier to purchase products from their social platform and at the same time communicate with their friends. Although it is not explicitly designed for clothes businesses, chances of getting buyers are high.
Facebook does not charge a listing fee. All you need is creating a professional Facebook shop and adding quality images as well as the content. Also, you need to provide offers and promotion to enhance the customers’ experience.

ASOS marketplace

Are you an expert and want to enhance the growth of your business? If yes, you need to consider ASOS marketplaces. They only give retailers with unique stores a priority. Also, they prefer those with great clothes and independent brands. Although it is costly when compared to other websites, it will assure you of getting potential buyers quickly. It charges a commission of 20% when you sell a cloth.
ASOS does not accept fake products. Therefore, millions of customers prefer it. They buyers browse hoping to get latest and fancy clothes. The good thing about it is that it comes with SEO features. With this, you will increase the number of customers, especially search engines users.


Gaining a massive number of customers is tiresome, especially for newbies. Many retailers spend a lot of money and effort, looking for buyers. In current days, you should not struggle to find buyers. Poshmark is here to help you. Millions of customers visit it to search for the best outfit. It allows retailers to sell both new and old clothes.
Setting up Poshmark is easy. You only need to create an account and enter details of where your payment will be sent. Getting paid is straightforward. You will receive money directly into your account. A great way to succeed is by uploading high-quality images. This marketplace has a mobile app that will allow you to photograph and list your items ready for sale. Because there are millions of clothes on Poshmark, you need professionally present your products to stand out. Also, set the right price. Before listing your products, it is recommended to do a little research to avoid overpricing and underpricing. Poshmark is excellent because of its customer support. It will provide feedback when you encounter challenges during the listing.


Tradesy is specifically designed for clothes. It has a user-friendly interface, allowing retailers to list their products quickly. You will only require downloading the Tradesy app, take photos, and create listings. The good thing about Tradesy is that it does not charge a listing fee. With this, those with budgetary constraints can use it and earn revenue.
Tradesy is here to help you achieve your goal. Although it will allow you to price your clothes, it offers suggestions to prevent you from setting very low or high prices. Also, it will assure you of beating the competitions by cleaning up your images to look professional. Handing off returns is another excellent service you will get. It accepts unwanted items from customers and evaluates them to ensure no damage.

The RealReal

The RealReal offers a unique approach to selling and shopping. Buyers believe in getting luxury clothes on this site. They browse to search for men, women, and baby’s clothes. Thus, considering it as your marketplace is a good idea. You can make huge profits by setting high pricing and getting more buyers. Most people who shop here make purchases basing their decision on quality but not price.


Do you want your product listing to gain exposure and increase sales? Then, eBay is your solution. It is the second largest marketplace. It works well for almost all products, including clothes. What makes eBay a great website is instant customer trust. People prefer shopping here because of scam protection.

eBay stands out from other sites because of its listing process. It offers an option to choose between fixed and auction listing. You can go for the fixed option if your product is not rare. All you need is to use high-quality images and product description to enhance competition. Marketing is another benefit of eBay. Many businesses cannot spend dollars campaigning to establish brand recognition. With eBay, you will sell quickly without spending money. You will not pay anything, but they will take their fee off the sale price of your product. This marketplace becomes excellent when it comes to shipping. It has a Global Shipping Program to allow you to ship a package to international customers.


Mercari is suitable for all businesses sizes. It works well for those without skills. It has a straightforward interface to allow you to list your products effectively, and Mercari will complete the sale. It is excellent for enterprise businesses because it does not give a limit to the number of products to sell. You only require uploading quality images and description to beat the competition.
If you are a busy retailer, Mercari is an excellent site for you. You can easily list your products from any location by the use of mobile. This website offers an opportunity to enjoy the shipping costs. It gives an option of letting the buyer pay for shipping or you as the seller. It has the USPS boxes to ship your clothes. Thus, you will not have worries about going to post office to mail and searching for items to pack your products.

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